About Me

Alison Murray

Alison Murray is an Australian working in Tokyo, Japan. She became addicted to reading thrillers and mysteries as an escape from the science stream she’d elected to follow at school. She devoured Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels and all of the books in the ongoing series authorized by Ian Fleming Publications. Her list of favorite paperbacks and Kindle downloads has exploded to include most of the thriller and mystery genre authors to the present time.

Self-doubt and lack of time subdued the desire to write her own thriller. But as she mentored her daughter through senior creative English classes, she decided to take charge of her aspirations and make it happen, a life transition still in progress. She is a member of Publishers Marketplace, Sisters in Crime, CrimeSpace, and the Australian Crime Writers Association.

With undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in science, education, and the Japanese language, she’s a former university lecturer and freelance journalist in Japan for The Economist, New Scientist and other journals, magazines, and an online news service. Currently, she spends her days working as the executive director of a large European business organization in Japan for which she has written professionally for 17 years, producing everything from press releases to newspaper articles, reports, web copy and collateral. She spends her nights and weekends writing fiction. Her first thriller, Clear Skies, is now available at Amazon and other booksellers.

In her spare time, Alison loves reading, regaling her family with story lines, and preparing gourmet meals for her poodles. She speaks three languages—English, Japanese and Chinese (but can only say “You’re a bad boy” in Chinese, which is always directed at one of her dogs yet could come in handy when talking to some of her imaginary characters). She’d love you to contact her at amurray@gol.com

Alison has loyal Writing Assistants – Benny, Billy, and recently passed Bobby.


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