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Clear Skies was published on June 21, 2018

Available on AMAZON

Imprisoned in a storeroom with a Beretta 9 mm pistol pressed against his temple by a garrulous moron eager to kill, a grim calculation of life and death played out in Slade’s mind. Plan A was to keep the man talking and his mind off taking the shot. He hadn’t come up with plan B yet, but if plan A failed, he wouldn’t need it anyway.

The Challenge:  Seven murders and two collateral deaths, a rogue US government official who takes Machiavellian schemes to the stratosphere, and his stunning but soulless co-conspirator

The Challengers: Dan Slade, in a dead-end job as an FBI investigator attached to the Tokyo Criminal Investigation Bureau; his love interest who may not be quite what she seems; and a French colleague with serious cyber-skills

The Roadblocks: A multi-layered conspiracy of staggering brilliance, and an unimaginable identity conundrum—the first victim, now lying in a Tokyo morgue, appears to be alive; she’s sailing the Mediterranean in her luxury yacht, and placing mega-bets at the Monte Carlo casino

The Stakes: Averting diplomatic fallout of catastrophic proportions.

 Can Slade figure out the truth or will forces waiting and scheming in the wings grab the reins of global power from the US and its allies?

“Murray brings extensive background in Japan and Europe to a signature narrative of superyachts, beautiful women and ruthless killers with all the hallmarks and insouciance of a James Bond novel. Clear Skies pits Slade and his romantic interest, Isa Kato, against an obsessive, cold-blooded villain determined to bring the US and its allies to its knees while enriching himself in the process. The clock is ticking as the scheme unfolds, culminating in a Croatian showdown that will determine the fate of the West. I enjoyed this book immensely.” – VJ Fang, 99designs

Available on AMAZON

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2 thoughts on “My Books

  1. Thanks for sending me the ARC to read and review your upcoming thriller. I loved it and am really stoked that you put the review I sent you on your website. I encourage everyone who loves mysteries and thrillers to read it when it is published.



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